Tuesday , February 20 2018

BGB, Settler launch communal attack in Ramgorh

News No. 17/2018 : Sunday,
January 28, 2018

Bengali settlers backed by
Border Guard Bangladesh personnel on Saturday attacked a Jumma village in Ramgorh,
looting and destroying two houses and beating a woman.

According to sources, Md.
Zahid, Second-in-Command of 43 BGB Battalion in Ramgorh, led the attack, which
took place around 8 in the morning.
About 40 BGB personel and 100
Bengali settlers from Kaladheba Lamku participated in the attack on Hachowk
Para village, 8 kilometers away, destroying two houses belonging to Nichai
Tripura and his brother Potindra Tripura.
‘The BGB and settlers first
destroyed Nichai Tripura’s under-construction house and that of his brother’s’,
a resident of the village told chtnews.com.
The settlers also entered Joysen Tripura’s house and destroyed the
kitchen oven and slapped Soren Bala Tripura (45) wife of Ponendra Tripura in
the presence of the BGB, he added.
The attackers, who stayed up to 5 p.m., took away personal
belongings such as clothes, machetes, axes and spade from the houses, and
threatened the villagers to leave the area within a week.

The attack came less than 48
hours after the BGB raided the village on 25 January and asked the villagers to
leave to make room for a Bengali settlement.

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