Thursday , September 20 2018

Three villagers kidnapped in Betchari
April 23, 2018, Monday

THE JSS Reformists kidnapped three innocent Jumma villagers from Sajekapra village in Betchari under Kamalchari Union in Khagrachari district on Sunday.

An armed gang belonging to JSS Reformists raided the village at 3 p.m. on 22 April and abducted 60-year-old Biddut Chakma, his son Ripon Chakma, 28, and Bhubon Mohan Chakma, 40, son of Bimol Chakma from their respective homes.

They have remained untraced since then. The reason for their kidnapping could not be known.

The JSS Reformists are blamed for being used by the army to counter the growing influence of the UPDF, which has been fiercely defending the land and rights of the Jumma people in the CHT.

News No. 49/2018

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