Thursday , September 20 2018

Two day labourers arrested, released later in Matiranga
April 24, 2018, Tuesday

THE police on Monday arrested two Jumma day labourers from Alutila Segun Bagan (Alutial Teak Plantation) in Khagrachari and released them later from Matiranga police station.

Ovi Tripura, 28, son of Khogendra Tripura and Gopi Tripura, 23, so of late Kolong Tripura from Rizhang Jhorna Para village, were arrested at 6 a.m. when they went to Segun Bagan to collect firewood.

The police took them to Matiranga police station and released them through the local UP member in exchange for a bribe of Taka 4,000.

The Tripuras regularly collect firewood from that area and sell them in the market to buy daily necessities.
News No. 50/2018

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