Tuesday , February 20 2018

Two Jumma youth tortured by army in Ghilachari

News No. 22/2018 : Saturday,
February 10, 2018
TWO Jumma youths are undergoing treatment for injuries they
sustained from beating by army in Ghilachari under Naniachar Upazila in
Rangamati district.
Ranjan Chakma, 20, son of Laxmi Mohan Chakma and Sukhomoy
Chakma, 19, son of Gyana Lal Chakma were at a tea shop at Langelpara when the
soldiers came in a military vehicle, got down and beat them without any obvious
The victims sustained injuries to different parts of their
body and are being treated locally.
The incident happened at 12 noon today, Saturday, as Hill
Women’s Federation blocked roads and waterways in Ragamati district, protesting
the rape of a Marma girl on 22 January in Belaichari.
The army has intensified petrol on the roads since morning.


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